Story Park

Our Communication App - Storypark

At First Steps Learning Academy (First Steps) our communication app is Storypark. The app is free for parents and families. The app allows you to keep in touch with your child and their learning experiencesanywhere, anytime. This is part of our value-added services.

What is Storypark?

Storypark is a two-way communication tool thatfacilitates collaboration between families and educators, building a richer relationship and enabling individualised learning opportunities for every child.
Storypark is private, secure and controlled by you. Your privacy and cyber-safety is paramount. Parents control access to their child’s profile and no-one can find their account unless you invite them. The secure and private app allows educators to post updates on your child’s day, including photos and videos, sharing stories about the child’s learning and development, and is also the communication vehicle for important news we would like to deliver to you in real time.

To find out more about Storypark please click on the video link below:

Families and Storypark.

At First Steps we have selected Storypark, based on the positive impact that it will have to your child’s education and development. With over 300,000 leading educators and families around the world who are using Storypark every day, 97% of parents feel that it has enabled them to be more involved in their child’s learning.

We are confident that parents at First Steps will share similar experiences, based on the key characteristics of the app, which include:

  • Helping to give your child the best start in life, by personalising their learning
  • Enabling families to relive the important moments, in a private online community that grows with your child. From before birth to any age, at home, on-the-go, kindergarten or school.
  • Providing our families with a deeper insights into your child’s unique interests, needs and abilities.
  • This enables our educators to better support your child’s development needs and improves their learning outcomes.
  • Improving communication between our educators and families of the Centre. Families love getting updates and equally their comments can uncover new ways to extend your child’s learning.
  • Enabling our educators to spend quality time with your child, in a more effective manner
  • Allowing you to feel close to your child when you’re far away. Your child’s educators can send you real-time updates, photos and videos throughout your day. The platform then allows parents to follow on from the activities that occurred for their child earlier in the day, extending their learning.
  • Actively engages and involves grandparents, family and close friends, with the ability for families to share their own stories with educators.
  • Providing the opportunity for families to become co-learners alongside your child, as you reflect upon their experiences and learnings at the Centre.
  • Parents control their child’s digital footprint and can decide who has access to their child’s information (Storypark does not own your data).
To see how Storypark helps families keep in touch with their children and their daily learning experiences
please click the video-link below to here Chris’ story:

Viewing Storypark online and downloading the Storypark app to your phone.

Families have the option to either view Storypark through by:
Viewing Storypark online by clickinglog in Or Downloading the Storypark app through the Apple App Store or Google Play

Need Help downloading or using Storypark?

Please click on here for the Storypark help page
Or ask one of our friendly team for help.