Our Mission

Provide a safe and caring environment for our children to be, learn, develop, grow and thrive.
Engage our children in stimulating learning experiences when delivering nationally recognised curriculum.
Creating modern curriculum by integrating technology into learning.
Focus on developing and implementing a relevant and engaging school readiness program.
Boost children’s sense of becoming by growing understanding, knowledge, skills, relationships and identities.
Help children develop a strong sense of belonging by building and maintaining relationships with others.
Inspire children to respect themselves, others and their environment while creating a culturally inclusive and harmonious learning atmosphere.
Learn through play!

Be responsive to feedback from families when providing both education and care to your child.

Have, at all times, an open-door policy for our parents.

Use multiple methods of communication when keeping in touch with parents.

Integrate the use of environmentally sustainable practises as part of children’s learning.

Help our children to explore different sensory outdoor environments.

Strongly encourage our children to participate in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Promote a heathy lifestyle by providing healthy and nutritious snacks.

Provide a clean hygienic physical environment for our children.

First Steps Learning Academy aims to create a caring, playful and harmonious environment that fosters a strong sense of being and belonging whilst encouraging each child to be all that they can become. We strive to provide our children with stimulating and engaging curriculum that harnesses each child’s unique interests, abilities andskills whilst working to create a learning framework that promotes cultural inclusion, sustainable practise and a healthy and active lifestyle.In doing so, we enable our bright enquiring minds to grow and develop in readiness as they take their first steps in their educational journey.