Our Centres

Children are at the heart of everything we do at First Steps Learning Academy. We understand that each child has unique and differing education and social needs. We tailor our preschool and childcare accordingly for children aged 0-5 years of age. 

We are a privately owned family run business that strives for excellence in early childhood care and education in a safe, inclusive, welcoming, fun, and nurturing environment. We establish this high quality of care in our seven early childcare centres across Sydney. 

We make a commitment to our families that caring for their child is a partnership that we value and respect. Parent participation is encouraged in all aspects of our service and staff go out of their way to ensure contribution, feedback, ideas, time, and family experiences are incorporated into our daily learning activities. We have a true Open-Door Policy. 

Our high-quality learning programs provide our children stimulating and engaging curriculum that harnesses each child’s unique interests, abilities, and skills. We have a purposeful, comprehensive, and flexible approach to learning. We value the voice of a child and ensure that our curriculum is flexible enough to harness these moments where a child’s interest creates a new and different learning opportunity for our classroom. 

Find a Centre closest to you. Look through our photo gallery and immerse yourself in our fun, safe and exciting learning environments. 

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Our Centres

Barden Ridge Early Learning (0-5 years)

Address: 137 Old Illawarra Road, Barden Ridge NSW 2234
Phone: (02) 9541-0489
Email: bardenridge@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 39
Timing: 7:30am to 6:00pm

Our Centres

Beaumont Hills Early Learning (0-3 years)

Address: 45 The Parkway, Beaumont Hills
Phone: 9629 6799
Email: beaumonthills@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 24

Our Centres

Beaumont Hills Preschool (3-5 years)

Address: 47 The Parkway, Beaumont Hills
Phone: 9629 5944
Email: beaumonthills@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 30

Our Centres

Kirrawee Early Learning Centre (0-5 years)

Address: 121 Waratah St, Kirrawee NSW 2232
Phone: 9545 4088
Email: kirrawee@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 36
Hours: 7:15am – 6:00pm
Ages: 0-5years

Our Centres

Liverpool Preschool (2-5 years)

Address: 98 Flowerdale Road, Liverpool
Phone: 9602 5060
Email: liverpool@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 46

Our Centres

Marrickville (0-6 years)

Address: 122 Livingstone Road, Marrickville
Phone: (02) 8094 8388

Our Centres

Moorebank Early Learning Centre (0 – 5 years)

Address: 53 Clyde Avenue Moorebank
Phone: 02 9601 8930

Our Centres

Revesby Early Learning Centre (0-5 years)

Address: 44 Ely Street, Revesby
Phone: 9792 7080
Email: revesby@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 29

Our Centres

Revesby Preschool (2-5 years)

Address: 112 Queen Street, Revesby
Phone: 9774 2882
Email: revesby@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 48

Our Centres

Old Toongabbie Preschool
(18 months – 5 years)

Address: 49 Fitzwilliam Road Old Toongabbie, NSW 2146
Phone: (02) 9631 2449
Email: toongabbie@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 29
Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Ages: (18 months – 5 years)

Our Centres

Toongabbie Early Learning Centre (0-5 years)

Address: 3 Reynolds Street Old Toongabbie, NSW, 2146
Phone: (02) 9631 2449
Email: toongabbie@firststepslearning.com.au
Approved Places: 47
Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Ages: (0 – 5 years)

Our Centres

Bangor Early Learning Centre (0-6 years)

Address: 6 Paringa Pl, Bangor NSW 2234
Phone: 7500 5070
Email: bangor@firststepslearning.com.au
Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Ages: (0 – 6 years)